Why Us ?

Here are few things we would love to share with you in random order  !

  1. We love and we know what we do.
  2. What you see is what you get, here. Real people, real hospitality at a simple and nice environment where you don't pay extra for luxuries. (We don't need them, we don't offer them)
  3. We keep getting certificate of excellence awards (you may consult Tripadvisor but Google also knows)  🙂
  4. You are going to experience a massage with a background music other than natural sounds or sea waves or other exotic pieces of art. We "hate" to create a fake atmosphere ! We love blues or jazz or shamanic sounds or anything that makes both you and us feel good.
  5. We don't isolate clients in soundproof rooms. We create a sacred space that safeguards your privacy while someone else receives massage nearby.
  6. YOU are going to receive a personalized massage experience !
  7. We help you decide which massage will be the best one for you.
  8. We care about our clients (and we are delighted every time they come back)
  9. We do our best to offer same day appointments, but is not guaranteed if you just pass by (PLEASE give us a ring or book online in advance so as to schedule your appointment).
  10. If we offer you a drink (other than tea), try it !
  11. We understand that you may have a preference for a female or male therapist so please feel free to ask. We want you to feel good. We would not enjoy it if you don't and for us this is important ! 
  12. We want you to get an experience to remember
  13. Our location, just beside Acropolis (one of the very few in Athens that still give you the feeling you are in Greece) is nice and safe so you can have a walk before or after massage and the metro station is 2 min on foot.
  14. The quality of our services is backed by Athens Massage & Yoga Academy.
  15. Couples or partners or friends can enjoy their sessions the one beside the other. 
  16. We take your health and well-being seriously so please share with us what we need to know about it.
  17. Nudity. You are covered with a towel and we uncover only the area of the body we work on so you always feel comfortable and respected

What if you give us a call to book your massage experience ? Life is happening now !