2018 – Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor !

No one get’s such an award by mistake ! You may book with confidence 🙂

Relaxing Massage


Soft extremely relaxing touch that feels amazing.

Thai Oil Massage


Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.

Deep Tissue Massage


Designed to relieve pain and muscle tension.

Couple Massage

80€ (for the two of you)

Enjoy your massage session together.

4 Hands Massage


Two therapists work together in harmony.

Traditional Thai Massage


We are also famous for our Certification Classes.

Charisma Massage™


A unique 1.5 hour adaptive massage experience.

Before/After Flying Massage


Before or after your flight.

Cupping Therapy & Massage


Very effective traditional therapy.


Tok Sen & Massage


Traditional therapy of Northern Thailand.

Sport Massage


Helps athletes recover from workouts and injuries.


Chair Massage


30-min session for upper back, neck, shoulders.

TripAdvisor Reviews

      If you are looking for a truly amazing and extremely effective pain-relieving massage, this is the place to go! I’m constantly suffering from pain in my joints and muscles and booked a deep tissue massage with Nick. It was simply the best and most effective...More

    thumb yoga_lis

      I only write on TripAdvisor to thank people for excellent experiences and this was one of them. Katia is an exceptional massage therapist, extremely professional, well-trained, warm, and with amazing intuition and connection to client’s holistic issues. She deserves to be commended. Very comfortable, grounding...More

    thumb Losnovios7712

      I don't know the name of the woman that did my massage but she beat the hell out of a good way! You know what I'm talking about if you're a lesson that likes super deep tissue massage. It was almost a little too...More

    thumb jh6x3

Facebook Reviews

    review rating 0  I was really aching after three days of walking around Athens. I booked the deep tissue massage it was incredible. felling much better now thank you ?

    thumb Anne Carpenter

    review rating 0  Ένα υπέροχο μέρος να επισκεφτεί κάποιος για να αποδράσει από τους πόνους της καθημερινότητας και να χαλαρώσει από το στρες! Πέρα από το κομμάτι της μαλαξης που είναι μια πρωτόγνωρη εμπειρία, ο δάσκαλος είναι υπέροχος, ο τρόπος εκμάθησης του φοβερός, οι γνώσεις και η αγάπη για αυτό που κάνει είναι απλά ανεκτίμητες! Το προσωπικό ευγενικό και φιλόξενο με τις κατάλληλες γνώσεις! ???

    thumb Catie Ckz

    review rating 4  Ο καλύτερος εκπαιδευτής !!! σου δίνει πιο πολλά από ότι νομίζεις ότι χρειάζεσαι ...Ο καλύτερος.

    thumb Fotis Fragoulis

Google Reviews

    review rating 5  Wonderful and most effective pain-relieving massage treatments! The therapists take great care about any health issues of their clients and know exactly what they are doing. High quality, great location, location, amazing people, very fair prices. Highly recommended.

    thumb Nils Knudsen

    review rating 5  I arrived at the place without too many expectations. Before starting treatment, I sat down with Mr. Nick, who decided what treatment I should take individually. I can say one thing, after dozens of times I did massage, I felt after this time that this is the first time I was doing a real treatment ! warmly recommended

    thumb Yair Blatt

    review rating 5  Relaxing massage by absolute professionals who knew exactly what they are doing. Wide range of massages offered but I went for the rejuvenating massage option - will definitely be back next time I’m in Athens.

    thumb Vilas Sedov