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It’s great to be back massaging my clients. It’s so gratifying when a client thanks you for how wonderful they feel after the massage. I got into massage therapy so I could genuinely impact people’s lives, and the instant gratification from this is second to none. I had no idea how much this career would positively impact my life. I love it!

After many years in massage therapy, I went back to school, part-time, to become a licensed practical nurse. I graduated at the start of the pandemic and moved to Washington state to help make a difference. The timing was right, as nurses were in high demand. It didn’t take long for me to realize how much I missed my massage career and my Massage Envy family. In February, I drove back to Florida to rejoin my team. I’m fortunate to be part of a team of extremely talented people at Massage Envy who not only help clients feel their best, but they also help each other be their best.

I’ve worked with many therapists, like me, who started their career with private clients and came to realize it’s not for everyone. The financial benefits sounded very attractive at first, but we never accounted for travel time and how it affected the number of clients per day, the long pre/post chats, cancellations, lugging the table in torrential rain, heat, humidity, snow, sleet, etc. At Massage Envy, I work my 6-hour shift and have the rest of the day for me time. My fellow therapists love the camaraderie at Massage Envy. There’s always someone to lean on when you need support, or to help you learn new skills. In addition, Massage Envy’s professional online, and in-house, self-care and skills training keep me fresh while the free CEs through their AMTA partnership keeps my license requirements current.

Working at Massage Envy is so much easier for me. My take home salary is as good or better than when I was on my own after taking everything into account … and my stress is so much less. I don’t have the wear and tear on my car and body from lugging the table, advertising costs, supplies to buy, paperwork, and most important the safety concerns. It’s scary out there! I don’t worry about much anymore. I come to work in a safe, sanitized environment, someone else makes sure my schedule is full, and I have more benefits than I did on my own. My manager and franchisee truly care about me and my safety and wellbeing. My franchisee was a Massage Envy client for 10 years before acquiring his first Massage Envy franchise, and then the location where I work. Like other franchised location owners, he understands the needs of the employees and clients, and makes everyone feel like part of the family.

During my time as a therapist at Massage Envy, I have served guests from all walks of life. In fact, one of the things that I find most rewarding is there isn’t a specific type of person who comes to Massage Envy. We see everyone, including famous celebrities and athletes!

People are returning to pre-pandemic activities and safety remains a big focus. Health and personal safety are more important than ever before. We follow the stringent sanitation and personal safety protocols that are required for every Massage Envy location. This dedication to safety and my physical wellbeing is one of the reasons I came to work for the brand many years ago.

There’s never been a better time to become a massage therapist, or if you already are one, to evaluate your current working situation to achieve your career objectives.

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