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Kayleigh’s a full-time mum, a fiancée, a trainee massage therapist, and frequent Urban customer

So tell us, Kayleigh, what’s your go-to Urban treatment?

A 60-minute deep tissue, which I book every few months.

Are you booking for a specific need?

Yes, I have kyphosis and hypermobility and it helps to treat my back pain and tension.

What does wellness mean to you?

I think it’s the combined health of your mind, body and spirit. Your emotions can have a lot to do with your physical health so it’s important to have times of serenity and peace to maintain your body’s overall wellbeing. To truly achieve wellness you have to be a bit selfish and take care of yourself for a change!

How much time do you set aside a week for wellness?

At least a few hours a week. I either take an extra long bath, play some video games or book a treatment!

When you’re not focusing on wellness, what might we find you doing?

When I’m not trying to be zen, you’ll find me being a full time mummy. I’m also training to be a massage therapist after being really inspired by the therapists at Urban!

What Urban treatments would you like to try?

Ive always been really interested in Thai yoga but haven’t got around to booking it! I’ll be trying it soon.

Finally, what are you most excited to do now lockdown’s starting to lift?

I’m most excited to get married in October! We weren’t sure it would go ahead with lockdown starting and stopping as it did. But now we’re quietly optimistic that we’ll be able to have the wedding of our dreams.



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