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Most professional massage therapists face remarkable business challenges. Responding to this crisis The Massage Conference Live is unveiling the secrets of operating a financially thriving practice in a special online event.

Mastering massage therapy is only one element of having success in the industry. Understanding and applying sound business principles can be just as important. Many massage and wellness professionals have been left guessing on what direction to take to best see their businesses be profitable and grow. Especially in these challenging times. Fortunately, help is finally set to arrive. In exciting news from Business Coach and Marketing Strategist Jeanette Falu-Bishop, a special online event has been set up to help bring massage therapy businesses to the next level. Enter the Virtual Business Conference for Massage Therapists and Wellness Providers, scheduled for October 12th-15th, which will be hosted by Jeanette, who has over two decades of experience in the industry and as an acclaimed coach and business strategist outside of it. The eye-opening list of presenters range from massage and wellness authorities, to business experts who are bringing knowledge that can help industry professionals prosper. This is the first time such a diverse group has been assembled with the aim of seeing massage and wellness practices master thrive. Needless to say, excitement is high.

“The pandemic has really exposed the vulnerabilities of the massage and wellness industries,” commented Jeanette. “It made it very clear to me where we could improve and I was able to figure out how I could fill that need so that massage therapists never have to go through this again. Our virtual conference is important because of the combination of massage authorities and world-class business experts from outside the industry joining forces and delivering their best ideas on how our practices can thrive and be resilient in our changing world.”

The amazing presenters at the conference will expertly cover topics like Insurance Billing, Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Finances, Business Strategies and so much more. The event is fully interactive. Attendees will have the chance each evening to jump in special Zoom rooms and ask presenters of the day any questions or share their own experiences.

A special competition between presenters is also planned, where they will each do their best to help a small business owner solve a problem. Attendees will have the chance to watch and learn from the creative process these experts deploy.

Digital vendors will be available at the virtual trade-show floor offering great deals on products and special prizes. An online DJ is hosting the event’s Icon Party to bring some extra spice to the conference.

The Virtual Business Conference for Massage Therapists and Wellness Providers will be truly memorable. By giving a chance to soak in business knowledge from outside massage and wellness circles along with industry greats, it is quite unlike any other recent or planned massage industry event. It promises a wildly empowering experience without having to pay for travel, get a hotel, buy expensive restaurant meals or invest in extra time away from home.

Tickets are available at a limited-time-only price until July 15, After that they jump up to full price. So act fast Massage Therapists and Wellness Professionals.

For more information and to order tickets be sure to visit

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