Do you want an experience to remember, or just a massage ?

​Nick Paraskevopoulos

Massage, Hypnotherapy & NLP Trainer & Practitioner,
Founder of Charisma Massage™​

Hello and welcome!

In order to decide and have a massage with us, please consider we are a bit different, which you may like or not, so please give yourself 1 min to confirm if our paths should cross! 

We don't isolate clients in soundproof rooms!. We create a sacred space that safeguards your privacy while someone else receives massage nearby!

We understand that you may have a preference for a female or male therapist so we ask in advance! We want you to feel good. We would not enjoy it if you don't!

We "hate" to create a fake atmosphere! Our background music of choice is blues, jazz, shamanic sounds or classical music! ​No sea waves or similar:)

  • We may offer you a drink, other than tea and we love it when you accept it as part of our hospitality (you don't have to)!
  • We enjoy to communicate naturally which means in a friendly manner and full respect.
  • This is not a ​5 star SPA style environment, where people may also pay for luxuries. We don't need them, we don't offer them! We welcome you at our simple, nice, clean place beside the Acropolis Museum.
  • Nudity. You are covered with a towel and we only uncover the area we work on so you always feel comfortable and respected
  • ​​Couples, partners or friends may enjoy their sessions next to each other if they want.
  • The quality of our services is backed by Athens Massage & Yoga Academy. We could argue we offer 5 star massage if we consider our client's ratings.
  • We take your health and well-being seriously so please share with us what we need to know about it.


but we can still buy a massage and if it's right​, that's kind of the same thing :)​

What People Are Saying About Our Massage?

  • Stelios Mamou AvatarStelios Mamou

    positive review  Υπέροχο Thai massage από την γλυκύτατη Εύη. θα ξαναέρθω σίγουρα!!! - 13/02/20 

    Andrew Gillman AvatarAndrew Gillman

    A fantastic massage. Deep tissue. Very thorough. You could the therapist was well trained and experienced. She knew to find... read more - 12/06/19 

    Elmira Sesitidou Naborashvili AvatarElmira Sesitidou Naborashvili

    Μαθήματα με τον δάσκαλο Νικόλα Παρασκευόπουλο είναι ευλογία του Θεού. - 26/02/17 

    wendy ho Avatarwendy ho

    Professional massage therapist and relaxing environment. I feel very relaxed after the massage, I would recommend it. - 07/03/19 

    Angeliki Lalagianni AvatarAngeliki Lalagianni

    Η καλύτερη εκπαίδευση μασάζ στην Ελλάδα, από έναν δάσκαλο που ξέρει σε βάθος το αντικείμενο που διδάσκει. Το συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα. - 09/02/17 


    5 star rating Fantastic massage! My partner and I both had a deep tissue massage on our last day in Athens which was amazing. ... read more - 03/06/19 

  • alex t

    5 star rating Perfect way to unwind What a find! Great deep tissue massage in an amazing central,location, just beneath the Acropolis.
    Perfect way to stretch out those...
    read more - 14/09/19 

    alex tosh Avataralex tosh

    ‘Just spending a few days in Athens before taking the ferry to Agistri for a yoga break (see future post)... read more - 09/09/19 

    Anne Carpenter AvatarAnne Carpenter

    positive review  I was really aching after three days of walking around Athens. I booked the deep tissue massage it was incredible.... read more - 15/11/18 

    Martha Lamprou AvatarMartha Lamprou

    Μαγικα χερακια vivian :) - 19/09/16 

    Anastasia Sergaki AvatarAnastasia Sergaki

    Το λατρευω αυτο το περιβαλλον.☺♥ - 17/04/15 


    5 star rating Totally worth it! I had a Thai oil massage session that was amazing! Friendly staff, relaxing environment and reasonable prices. Totally recommend! - 27/04/19 

amya log trans
  • YOU are going to receive a personalized massage experience !
  • ​The quality of our services is backed by Athens Massage & Yoga Academy.
  • We help you decide which massage will be the best one for you.

​98% Satisfaction Guarantee ?

We would love to ​cover our sessions by a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE as we do for our massage courses for 15 years, ​but how can we ​avoid this to be abused?

Well we do offer 98% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ​as it comes from the rating of our clients for the last two years as you can easily find out:)

We realize we are too human to reach and ideal 100% so we don't fake it!​

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Certificate of Excellence Award for 2018 & 2019

as you may easily confirm with Tripadvisor and other sites ?

​1 minute online booking!

​What you see is what you get, here. Real people, real hospitality at a simple and nice environment where you don't pay extra for luxuries. (We don't need them, we don't offer them)

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