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      I had an excellent massage session. These people are real professionals and the they are also extremely friendly.

    thumb Kate D

      After a long and tiring day walking all over Athens, I visited this massage facility which is very conveniently located near the Acropolis Museum. The facility offers a variety of therapies, including deep tissue massage which was my choice. Judging from previous experience in other...More

    thumb Agapanthos1953

      I was looking for a really effective massage and came across the Athens Yoga & Massage Academy. I had tried other places in Athens before, that left me disappointed, but this place is a real gem!! The deep tissue massage was by far the most...More

    thumb Ourania_1981

      This experience was very disappointing. At 50 € /hour you could expect a more professional massage in a better environnment. The "therapist" was very nice but not skilled. The gloomy environment does not help. You may be tempted to go there as it is close...More

    thumb Emmanuelle C

      We had two same massages at the same time, both deep tissue. My friend got a very good massage, unfortuetly and to my dissapointment after reading such good reviews my Deep Tissues massage lacked the deep tissue aspect. It was more a relaxing soft pressure...More

    thumb hermespitt

      Had an excellent deep tissue massage here. Was incredibly relaxing evi the therapist was fabulous. Would definitely recommend

    thumb lornamcandie


    review rating 0  I was really aching after three days of walking around Athens. I booked the deep tissue massage it was incredible. felling much better now thank you ?

    thumb Anne Carpenter

    review rating 0  Ένα υπέροχο μέρος να επισκεφτεί κάποιος για να αποδράσει από τους πόνους της καθημερινότητας και να χαλαρώσει από το στρες! Πέρα από το κομμάτι της μαλαξης που είναι μια πρωτόγνωρη εμπειρία, ο δάσκαλος είναι υπέροχος, ο τρόπος εκμάθησης του φοβερός, οι γνώσεις και η αγάπη για αυτό που κάνει είναι απλά ανεκτίμητες! Το προσωπικό ευγενικό και φιλόξενο με τις κατάλληλες γνώσεις! ???

    thumb Catie Ckz

    review rating 4  Ο καλύτερος εκπαιδευτής !!! σου δίνει πιο πολλά από ότι νομίζεις ότι χρειάζεσαι ...Ο καλύτερος.

    thumb Fotis Fragoulis

    review rating 5  Μαθήματα με τον δάσκαλο Νικόλα Παρασκευόπουλο είναι ευλογία του Θεού.

    thumb Elmira Sesitidou Naborashvili

    review rating 5  Η καλύτερη εκπαίδευση μασάζ στην Ελλάδα, από έναν δάσκαλο που ξέρει σε βάθος το αντικείμενο που διδάσκει. Το συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα.

    thumb Angeliki Lalagianni

    review rating 5  Για όποιο λόγο ή αιτία κάποιος επισκεφθεί τον υπέροχο αυτό χώρο,και ανεξάρτητα του είδους της θεραπείας που θα επιλέξει .....είτε χειρομάλαξη, είτε ύπνωση ,είτε ουσιαστική επικοινωνία με την υπεροντότητα @ Nick Paraskevopoulos, φεύγοντας θα αντιληφθεί την ίαση ως τον πυρήνα των κυττάρων του και την αναβάθμιση στον κρύσταλλο της ψυχής του....αλλά ακόμα και εκπαιδευση να λάβει από τα εξειδικευμένα,πρωτότυπα κ μοναδικα για την Ελλάδα διαδραστικά βιωματικά σεμινάρια που διοργανώνει το Athens Massage & Yoga Academy θα του δοθεί η βεβαίωση παρακολούθησης αλλά παρ όλα αυτά θα επιστρέφει συνεχώς στον χώρο αέναα,για να ξανανιώσει την ζεστασία και την θαλπωρή που βίωσε!!!!!!Σε ευχαριστώ δάσκαλε για την ευκαιρία που μου χάρισες τοσο γενναιόδωρα, να μπω για λίγο στην φιλοσοφία ζωής σου που μέσα από την εργασία σου και την αποστολή στο γήινο μονοπάτι σου δίνεις στην ανθρωπότητα και βεβαίως να μείνω έκθαμβη από την ευαισθησία σου και το μεγαλείο της ψυχής σου !!!!!RESPECT !!!!!!! καλή συνέχεια <3

    thumb Kate Kos


    review rating 5  I arrived at the place without too many expectations. Before starting treatment, I sat down with Mr. Nick, who decided what treatment I should take individually. I can say one thing, after dozens of times I did massage, I felt after this time that this is the first time I was doing a real treatment ! warmly recommended

    thumb Yair Blatt

    review rating 5  They are dedicated to their jobs, I felt very relaxed after their service. Professional massage, especially their traditional Thai massage.

    thumb David Tomcat

    review rating 5  Wonderful and most effective pain-relieving massage treatments! The therapists take great care about any health issues of their clients and know exactly what they are doing. High quality, great location, location, amazing people, very fair prices. Highly recommended.

    thumb Nils Knudsen

    review rating 5  My massage at Athens Massage & Yoga Academy was the highlight of my few days in Athens. Nick is beyond skilled as a masseur, and knew exactly what I needed to ease the tensions of travel and a bit of sciatica pain that I was experiencing. Though this place is not a "day spa", the professionalism, cleanliness and energy of this hidden gem is amazing. Can't recommend it enough! I got the deep tissue massage because I like a stronger massage, but I'm certain the more relaxing and gentle massages would be equally as brilliant.

    thumb Ash Parikh

    review rating 5  Relaxing massage by absolute professionals who knew exactly what they are doing. Wide range of massages offered but I went for the rejuvenating massage option - will definitely be back next time I’m in Athens.

    thumb Vilas Sedov

    review rating 5  Worth every penny! Need a break from walking around Greece? This is the place to go!! The place was clean and the masseuses were very nice & attentive. Made sure you were comfortable and received the exact massage you wanted. They also give you feedback based on the massage which I liked very much. Booked us right away as well! Would recommend!

    thumb Kirsten Pacia