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We’re easing back on our safety measures as Covid rules end on 19th July, but we’re still encouraging you and your pro to carry on being good to each other by taking some extra precautions. 

Wearing a mask is now up to you and your pro

It’s no longer a legal requirement for either of you to wear a mask during your treatment. It’s up to your pro as a self-employed practitioner, and you as their customer. 

We do, however, ask you to stay mindful of the good that wearing a mask can do. Staying sharp on safety helps to keep Urban open, and protects those most vulnerable in the Urban community.  It’ll stay in our list of safety recommendations (below) for now.

19th, Covidaware, July, staying ⋆ We’re staying Covid-aware after 19th July

Our ongoing safety recommendations for you

We won’t actively enforce any of these suggested safety measures, but we ask you to stay as kind and careful as ever by thinking about them when you book:

Reassure your pro with an instant message before your treatment

Drop your pro an in-app message to let them know if you’ve been vaccinated or recently had a negative Covid test. 

Ventilate your space

If you can, open a window to let fresh air flow through the room before and during your session.

Clear space ahead of time

Have 2x2m of open floor space ready for your pro so there’s no need to move furniture around. It’ll help them minimise contact with surfaces in your home. 

Wash your hands, or take a shower

Please wash your hands thoroughly before all treatments. Showering before a massage can be a great way to warm your muscles up, and now it also acts as an extra safety step.

Wear a mask

Slip on a mask when you answer the door for your pro and while you show them out. Feel free to remove it when you’re lying face down on a treatment table, or for specific sessions like yoga and fitness. If you’re exempt, consider dropping your pro a quick message to let them know. 

Touch base with us in 14 days’ time

We’ll drop you an email two weeks after your treatment to check you’re still feeling okay. Let us know if you’ve started feeling unwell and we’ll take appropriate action, including contacting your pro. 

Keep to just the two of you

Make sure you’re the only adult in the room for your treatment and answer the door yourself to help your pro limit interactions with other household members.

Cancel if you, or anyone in your house is unwell

Just use in-app chat to let our Customer Support team know and we’ll apply our Covid-19 cancellation policy which means you won’t be charged for cancelling up until two hours before your booking.

19th, Covidaware, July, staying ⋆ We’re staying Covid-aware after 19th July

Our safety recommendations for pros

Although we can’t make sticking to these measures an outright requirement for self-employed pros, we’re continuing to ask that they keep up the good work by following these safety practices:

Regular testing

We’re asking pros to test themselves regularly and let us know about any positive results  immediately. 

Reassuring you that they’re clear

We ask pros to reach out to you via instant message ahead of any booking to let you know if they’re vaccinated, or have recently taken a negative test.

Wearing a mask

Although we’re strongly encouraging pros to wear masks for all treatments, you can expect your pro to wear one for: 

  1. Facials, facial waxing and lashes, where wearing a mask is considered standard practice
  2. Osteopathy and physio sessions, as advised by the GeOsc and CSP

NHS/Track and trace

Many pros have signed up to Track and Trace, and we ask that they continue to use it to check into bookings (with your help).

Holding off if they’re unwell or self-isolating

We’ve asked that pros decline all bookings if they’re showing suspicious symptoms, feeling unwell, or otherwise self-isolating. We want to be there to support pros when they take time off sick, so we’ve introduced a new collective benefits scheme to help cover lost income. 

19th, Covidaware, July, staying ⋆ We’re staying Covid-aware after 19th July

Communicate with your pro via instant message

Communication’s the key to keeping our services safe in this new phase of city living. Instant messaging with your pro opens up from the minute you book; here’s when you might want to use it

  • To request they wear a mask, or to ask if they’d prefer you to wear one
  • To share your vaccination status, or ask your pro for theirs
  • To ask if they’re taking public transport over to you
  • To just generally ask what you can do to help them feel safe

Thanks, and keep it up!

By sticking to safety measures over the past year, you’ve helped to keep Urban going. In turn, that’s brought essential treatments to vulnerable people who’ve really needed them, and helped Urban pros to continue making a living. We’re extremely lucky at Urban to have a kind, respectful and considerate community who we can trust to use our services safely.


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19th, Covidaware, July, staying

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