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We caught up with Urban pro Georgiana to chat about all things wellness and her top tips for keeping muscles limber and healthy between treatments.

Hey Georgiana! Mind telling us what treatments you offer on Urban?

On Urban’s platform I offer a variety of treatments such as Relaxing massage, Prenatal massage, Deep tissue massage, Energising massage and CBD massage. 

What’s your top tip for keeping muscles limber and healthy in between massages?

My top tip for keeping muscles limber and healthy in between massages would be to have a routine that consists of a healthy diet, proper hydration and exercise. 

Water helps to relax, control and transmit nerve impulses and nutrients to the muscles better. So regular and proper hydration helps maintain healthy and limber muscles in between massages.

Self-massage also helps maintain healthy muscle and skin tone in between massage sessions. In my routine I massage myself daily. Besides having better skin and muscle tone, it also improves sleep.

What does wellness mean to you and how do you introduce wellness into your daily routine?

For me, wellness means consistently using several types of treatments that help make the mind, body and soul work as a whole.

In my daily routine I have introduced meditation and self-expression through dance and art. I follow a healthy diet, and also tell myself positive affirmations.

To book Georgiana for your next treatment head to our website.

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