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Massage therapy is a powerful solution to support massage clients returning to themselves—and returning to the human experience of love, compassion, care, respect and being heard.

Massage therapy is a powerful solution to support massage clients returning to themselves—and returning to the human experience of love, compassion, care, respect and being heard.

I believe a society is judged by how it educates its young. I suggest that our profession is judged by how we educate ourselves and how we connect our techniques and science knowledge with our intuition. Intuition is not random. Intuition is our subconscious mind connecting with infinite intelligence, and both are a matter of energy.

The wonderful aspect of massage therapy and bodywork is we, as professionals, work with both elements. Thus, it is equally important that we know the sciences such as anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, neurology, etc. as it is to know and understand the role of energy and vibrational frequencies.

When we as massage therapist are touching a client, we sense vibrations, or vibes, that are emitting from that person. Massage therapy has the unique capacity to function in both an evidence-based model and a consciousness-based model. It is this consciousness-driven-therapy model that allows massage therapy to help people in many ways that evidence-based models cannot see, measure, or recognize.

Massage is a Yes-And Proposition

I believe the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence of a healing process in progress. Massage therapy is not an either-or but rather a yes-and process of therapeutic intervention that places the client as the highest authority for what they require to get well.

The massage therapist listens to the client and believes them. This one action element is largely missing in the authoritative medical model of therapeutic intervention. It, in my opinion, is closer to a not-truly-caring model.

Massage therapy, using the power of the hands, the emotion of respect, love, compassion and caring, is what consciousness-based therapy is.

We massage therapists provide an experience for our clients that connects them with their humanness. In these post-pandemic times, people are searching for ways to reconnect with themselves to reconnect with their human experience. After the experience of social distancing and the constant drone of fear words broadcast throughout the world’s media outlets, to refrain from touching and interacting in any positive-thought directions.

Massage therapy is a powerful solution to support humans returning to themselves, and returning to the human experience of love, compassion, care, respect and being heard.

Massage therapy is touch that is energized by a blending of science and intuition. Intuition is our communication with infinite intelligence and when we transmute this communication into our touch and guide it with the techniques and assessment skills supported by our knowledge and continuing education amazing results happen for our clients.

I believe the most important avenue is masterminding with colleagues and other therapist-in-believing is that touch is a powerful solution for what matters to people who seek our professional services.

Mastermind Moments

When I attend workshops, seminars, lectures and presentations where there is a Q&A opportunity or there are breakout group to compare notes and observations—these are mastermind moments that allow massage therapists to collectively connect with each other to receive input from our collective power of intuition! There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.

Recently, I participated in an incredible online continuing education event called The Neck Jam, organized and facilitated by Diane Matkowski LMT, founder and owner of The Massage Mentor Institute.

Diane is a recent MASSAGE Magazine All-Star team inductee.

There were 13 invited teachers and researchers of massage therapy and body-mind work that taught, lectured and demonstrated an incredible array of techniques and strategies for hands-on soft tissue therapy solutions for neck challenges and complaints that are seen regularly by massage therapists.

As I watched a presenter on the final day of this five-day event, and as I listened and took notes, I realized again just how important educational gatherings like this are to our profession, for these gatherings are true mastermind meetings. I am reminded just how important this is to a society, to a community, to individuals, and to our personal development as humans and as professionals providing service to others who will benefit from respectful, safe and caring touch that we call massage therapy and bodywork.

When massage therapists create a mastermind group to meet at regularly scheduled intervals, this produces a coordination of knowledge and effort in a spirit of support and harmony to attain a defined purpose within that massage therapy mastermind group. Massage therapists will experience homeostasis while in a group while sharing ideas and support for a defined goal or dream.

The human mind is a form of energy.

When several massage therapists unite their minds in a spirit of cooperation and support, they create infinite units of intuitive energy that will be for the good of all in the group.

Therefore, I love attending massage therapy workshops, conferences and panel discussions to listen to presenters and to hear the Q&A sessions that often follow. Great progress and power of massage therapy can be gained from a mastermind experience. Education nourishes the soul and mastermind groups harmonize our connection with our intuition, our sixth sense. When our intuition is harmonized with our touch, the therapeutic experience for our client is expansive.

Massage is the Key to Survival

There are multiple pathways to receive thought and energy. This requires massage therapists to develop habits that promote, embrace and support positive emotions such as desire, faith, love, enthusiasm and hope.

When we embrace these positive emotions when we are touching another human being with respect, care and compassion people feel better and they feel they matter because we are all children of the same universe.

Massage therapy, in my view, holds the key to the survival of the human experience in a world of artificial intelligence and digital noise bombarding our senses 24 hours a day. It is during a massage therapy session that the human experience becomes one that allows that person to access their sixth sense of intuition, introspection, and reflection on what matters for them.

Touch is powerful.

Touch is supportive.

Touch is essential to the human experience of connecting with others, for we are truly beings who require social interaction and a social structure that supports the good of all in a society.

Massage therapy is consciousness-based therapy that emphasizes the human experience with each massage session of structured touch, by our listening to and believing in the client. The massage therapist conducts these habits with respect for, and support of, each person who seek our services.

Benny Vaughn

About the Author

Benny Vaughn, LMT, BCTMB, ATC, has been a working massage therapist for 46 years. He created a highly successful massage therapy business. Benny lives in Fort Worth, Texas. At age 70 he has transformed into life coaching services for massage therapists. Visit his website,, to learn more about his solutions related to learning, leading, motivating and inspiring others, finding emotional peace, and to schedule a free consultation.

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