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This guide was created by massage therapists who switched from pen & paper to ClinicSense and wanted to share their experience to help others in the massage community looking to do the same.

Where to start

Start with a free trial of ClinicSense. You’ll have 14 days to see how it works and to see if it’s going to be a good fit for your business. There’s absolutely no commitment necessary to do the trial.

When you start your trial, ClinicSense has created a short tour to show you how to book an appointment, send an intake form, create an invoice, and email the client their receipt.

The easiest way to test the trial is to pretend that you’re a client. So to get started, simply book an appointment for yours. Click here to access the free trial.

Adding your clients

Once you’re ready, the ClinicSense team will import your list of clients for you so you don’t have to enter them manually.

If you have a list of your clients in an Excel spreadsheet, you can send that and they’ll import those clients for you within 1 business day.

If you don’t have a list of clients in an Excel spreadsheet, fear not, there’s no reason to sit down and manually add all of your clients in one shot.

All you have to do is add each client in as they book appointments. Just enter their name and email address. When they get the reminder for their appointment they’ll be asked to complete their intake form so you have totally up-to-date information for everyone!

And if you’re going to use online scheduling, your clients can book online and they’ll add themselves into your ClinicSense account themselves.

SOAP Notes

You may have years worth of SOAP notes on paper and you may think that you now need to scan or enter all of those notes into ClinicSense. But, that’s not the case!

The easiest thing to do is to simply keep those paper notes handy for a couple months. You’ll find the need to reference your paper notes happens less and less over time, until you reach the point where you don’t need to reference them at all. At that time, you can store them away somewhere safe for as long as you are legally required to.

Intake Forms

Like SOAP notes, there is no need to scan your old paper forms into ClinicSense.

Instead, when a client books an appointment with you, ClinicSense will send them a digital intake form for them to complete online.

Once they submit their form it’s immediately available for you to view within your ClinicSense account. This way you’ll have the most up-to-date information for each client and save yourself all the work of manually entering intake information.

Online Scheduling

If you don’t have a website and want to use online scheduling, you can direct your clients to your ClinicSense profile page, which is included for free in all of their subscription plans.

If you have a website, here are the instructions for how to add online booking to your website. And if you need help with that, you can just email and they’ll add the button for you!

Training Clients To Use Online Scheduling

We wanted to include some tips on how to get your clients used to online scheduling so that they break the habit of calling or texting you while you are busy.

  1. Send out an email to all of your clients
    All you have to do is send an email to your clients and tell them that you’re now using online scheduling. You can even use ClinicSense’s email newsletters feature to do this.
    In your email, mention how this change benefits them: they can see your availability and pick the time that’s best for them without the back-and-forth. Plus, your online scheduling will be available to them 24/7, so they don’t have to wait until you’re free to respond to them or play telephone tag.
    NOTE: Clients won’t be able to see what’s on your calendar. They can only see what times you are available.
  2. Mention it in your voicemail
    Some people will still call to book an appointment and you’ll still miss some calls. So mention in your voicemail recording something like “If you’re calling to book an appointment, please go to and click the Book Appointment button where you can see my full availability and book online.”
  3. Direct your clients to online scheduling
    If a client texts you to book an appointment, reply with a link to your online scheduling. It’s as simple as:
    “Hi John, yes, I have availability this week. You can see what times are available at . You can book online there too, so please pick the time that works best for you!”

Connect Your Square Account

You can connect your Square account to ClinicSense to take payment.

If you already have a Square account, you can connect to that existing account. And if you don’t have a Square account, you’ll have the option to open one.

Ready To Get Started?

Click here to start a free trial of ClinicSense:
See frequently asked questions at
Questions? Call the ClinicSense team at 1-888-580-0009

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