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Denver, CO – For thousands of years, we understood medicine to be around us and within us. Somewhere along the line we dismissed these alternatives methods of care to the fringe, doubting their medical applicability. Fringe aims to change that by building evidence-based education around these alternative concepts — bringing the peripheral back into practice.

Based in Denver Colorado, with team members distributed across North America, Fringe is first and foremost a community where heath care professionals can gather to learn, collaborate, and inquire about today’s leading challenges. With over 20% of us struggling with pain, 2/3 of us failing to get recommended levels of sleep, and 27 million of us taking antidepressants, clearly there is a need for alternative solutions. By creating a digital space for our community to pool our knowledge and resources, we may just have a chance at making a difference.

Focused on whole person health, Fringe will systematically introduce education built around medicine like breath, plants, movement, touch, sleep, water, meditation, nature, consciousness, and community, in an effort to help practitioners and their patients better understand the efficacy of these approaches. Crucial to this approach is an understanding that these methods of care affect us all uniquely, as we are all individuals, a foundational principle
of Fringe education.

In addition to providing community and education, Fringe also seeks to be a trusted source of truth on accompanying product. With an accredited cannabis course already available for purchase, the natural go-to-market product for Fringe, was CBD. CBD interest is at a historical high and with brands rapidly entering the market, CBD has become a confusing product – promising to solve ailments from depression to dermatitis. Consumers and practitioners alike are confused. Partnered with their digitally on-demand cannabis course, Fringe’s tasteless and odorless water-soluble CBD is processed and grown in the US using non-GMO hemp. To maintain transparency, Fringe CBD is also tested at three different stages in its production by third party partners with the results of the analysis accessible to the consumer through a QR code on the packaging.

Explaining the impetus behind the name, Co-CEO and Founder Dr. Alyson Evans, DC says, “We are inherently Fringe. As humans, each of us is unique, we have different truths, but we can celebrate those collectively, in a group. I certainly would like to make unconventional something that’s widely accepted in our professional and if that makes me Fringe, then that’s actually probably a good thing.”

By combining their community with evidenced-based education and honest, transparent product, Fringe hopes to help its community find harmony within themselves.

Press Contact: Alyson Evans, DC
Co-CEO and Founder

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