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BIG SUR, Calif., April 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Esalen Institute — a California nonprofit public retreat designed to explore and realize human potential through experience, education, and research — on April 15 announced it has formed a new, taxable California Social Purpose Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Institute, to be known as Esalen Healing Arts, SPC. (EHA)

Since Esalen’s formation in 1963, the institute has built a legacy of providing personal growth offerings at their retreats and for creating some of the world’s best body therapies. With the launch of this for-profit subsidiary, the non-profit Institute will expand upon ways people across the world can access and experience the unique and growing portfolio of Esalen® healing arts educational programs and transformative experiences, their best-in-class, holistic body-mind-spirit experiences, and even a new line of Esalen body products created from local plants and flowers. EHA will also pursue commercial opportunities such as bringing their branded wellness practitioner training to resorts, hotels or other retreats. 

As part of its initiative, Esalen Healing Arts, will undertake the day-to-day operation of the Esalen® Massage School, the world-famous Esalen Hot Spring Baths, the Esalen Massage and Bodywork Association (EMBA) as well as overseeing the international expansion of the Institute’s Esalen® massage, somatic movement, and other healing arts programs – such as yoga, meditation, movement – via online, on-site and remote trainings. 

The Institute will continue to be a retreat center for individual and forward-thinking corporations as well as a place for academic philosophical research.  This new EHA diversification will enrich the possibilities not only for outside investors but also for global trainings on a wide range of topics including EHA online and in-person workshops  planned for the coming months: 

  • Embracing Aging Dying and Death as a Path to Living Fully, Led by Reverend Bodhi Be, Founder with Ram Dass, Doorway Into Light.  May 17-June 25.
  • Moon Lodge: Honoring the Sacred Feminine – led by Dr. Julie Von, author Spiritual Fertility and Lucia Horan, Esalen alumna and somatic meditation expert.  June 25-27 

“EHA will honor the artists and pioneers who have helped build Esalen’s legacy,” explains hospitality and somatics professional, Douglas Drummond, the new CEO of Esalen Healing Arts, “and work to ensure that the healing arts programs created in this unforgettable place are sustained for future generations.”

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