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CBD, Complement, massage, Offer, perfect, Services ⋆ CBD Massage is a Perfect Complement to the Services you Offer

Many therapists are providing this add-on service.

With the therapeutic benefits shown from the hemp plant—from calming inflammation and relieving pain, to promoting relaxation and reducing stress, and even enhancing skin health—it’s no wonder that many of your clients are interested in it.

More and more therapists are incorporating CBD into their treatment options, from independent massage businesses looking to stand out with advanced, innovative services, to the larger massage chains. Hemp-derived CBD is an ideal complement to the services you already offer.

And while CBD-enhanced massage provides added benefits to your clients, you have a new opportunity to significantly increase your revenue from this add-on service.

How do I get started?

It can be confusing in today’s CBD marketplace to select products you can trust to be pure and potent enough to provide the beneficial effects you seek for your clients. As you get started, use this checklist for 6 important things to consider to ensure and enhance your success.

Get some background knowledge.

Start learning about how CBD works in the skin and in the body. Gaining background knowledge will give you the confidence to converse with clients about CBD.  A supplier who focuses on health professionals can provide you with education along with literature that can help answer client questions.

CBD, Complement, massage, Offer, perfect, Services ⋆ CBD Massage is a Perfect Complement to the Services you Offer

Select a reputable supplier with high quality products you can trust.

It’s very important to vet the products you will use for quality and safety. Potency and purity issues, along with inaccurate labeling, across a broad range of CBD products in the mass market have been well documented over the past several years.1,2  Ask to see the third party testing on products you are considering. This should not only include potency information but also look for a wide range of testing for potential contaminants.

The majority of the brands distributing CBD are not actually manufacturing their own products—they are simply middlemen and newcomers. A reputable company will be glad to provide documentation on their manufacturing facility. Many claim that they “follow” good manufacturing practices (GMPs), but the best will show you proof that they’ve been audited and certified by a 3rd party (such as NSF) for following GMPs. 

Use a potency of CBD that provides benefits your clients will feel.

Many products available on the market supply potencies too low to provide the desired effects. Therapeutic potencies typically range from 125 mg up to 250 mg per massage. With a CBD massage oil concentrate, you have flexibility to add the amount of CBD to create the potency you choose. A concentrate will also allow you to adjust for the service being provided – full body versus a trouble spots massage, regular or “extra strength” service, and so on.

Use a penetration-enhanced formula for maximum effects.

The body’s endocannabinoid receptors in the skin that interact with CBD are located within its various layers. The skin’s protective barrier can make it challenging for CBD to reach the receptors in the deeper layers of the skin. To help overcome this challenge, look for a product that includes a proven natural penetration enhancer that can maximize effects.

CBD, Complement, massage, Offer, perfect, Services ⋆ CBD Massage is a Perfect Complement to the Services you Offer

Customize your treatments.

Many therapists personalize massage oil blends and services to meet individual client needs and preferences. By using a CBD concentrate, you can simply add CBD to the blends your clients already know and love. Don’t be restricted by pre-mixed CBD blends or predetermined CBD potencies.

Offer CBD after-care products that complement your treatments.

To support your clients in between visits, offer high quality CBD products for take-home use. While benefiting clients, this also provides added revenue for you. Soothing topical products are available in a variety of forms such as roll-on lotions, creams and balms. Look for therapeutic potencies, purity and clean formulas that do not include unhealthy added ingredients. Avoid products that contain known endocrine disruptors like phthalates and parabens. And check the independent lab results to ensure products do not contain pesticides and other contaminants that can be found in hemp and other botanicals.

Choose your supplier wisely

To get the comprehensive services that will support your business success, you’ll want to work with a partner that caters to massage therapists and other health professionals. Look to a health practitioner-exclusive company that provides professional quality products, resources including education, support materials and ongoing personal support from a knowledgeable liaison. Be sure to select a brand that is loyal to health professionals and does not compete with you (online or in retail stores) for repeat orders on products you introduced to your clients.

A win-win opportunity

Elevate your clients’ massage experience with soothing CBD.  As CBD-enhanced massage is gaining in popularity, meet the demand with an added level to your services—which brings an added layer to your business revenue. It’s a scenario that works well for everyone.

CBD, Complement, massage, Offer, perfect, Services ⋆ CBD Massage is a Perfect Complement to the Services you Offer


1Accuracy of Cannabidiol Extracts Sold Online. JAMA.

2Sampling Study of the Current Cannabidiol Marketplace to Determine the Extent that Products are Mislabeled or Adulterated. Stephen Hahn, MD, Commissioner of Food and Drugs

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CBD, Complement, massage, Offer, perfect, Services

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