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Sophie’s a wellness newbie, a small business guru, a CrossFitter and a baker

What does wellness mean to you, Sophie?

For me wellness is taking care of myself in the best possible way at that given moment in time. That can be anything from taking a night to myself at home on the sofa or preparing my meals ahead of time if I know I’ve got a busy day. 

And how often do you book wellness treatments, like massages?

Rarely, maybe two or three times a year. It’s silly because they make a huge difference to my general well-being as well as my physical recovery from things like running a marathon (I only did it once but massage saved me!) and CrossFit which I get very achey from.

What do you pick?

I do CrossFit at @crossfitcatford  4-5 times a week which involves a lot of weightlifting, so I picked a deep tissue to get into those niggly areas and help my recovery. Sometimes stretching isn’t enough!

Yep, deep tissue’s great for recovery! How much time do you try to set aside each week for wellness? 

I walk every day with my little sausage dog, Rita. We do around an hour once or twice a day. Having that time away from a screen, in the fresh air has been invaluable for my mind! I try to take long baths whenever I can, too.

Wanna tell us about your hobbies?

Outside of working in social media marketing, I try to focus on activities and hobbies that get me away from sitting in front of a screen. Baking has always been a big part of my life, I find it so therapeutic and what a bonus to come out with something tasty at the end! I love CrossFit and have made some amazing friends through my local box! Day to day fitness aside, I often find myself training for some kind of charity challenge, whether that’s a tough mudder, the London marathon or a five day trek across the Sahara (which turned out to be Cornwall because of the pandemic!). Finding new local places to visit and eat and drink is big on my list, I’m a real foodie! Not forgetting my first love, theatre! Nothing can beat that form of escapism and entertainment. It’s good for the soul.

Ever tried a wellness treatment as a one-off that you’ve ended up loving?

I’ve once had a hot stone massage which I booked on a whim and that was honestly so much nicer than I thought it would be. Reflexology is something that always piques my interest but I’ve never got round to trying it. 

Lastly, while you’re here, feel free to share your Insta!

My personal Instagram @miss.simms my business Instagram handle @socialmediasurgery

(Urban here – we recommend Sophie’s social media surgery account for some fantastic advice on starting and running a small business)


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