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We caught up with Urban’s newest marketing recruit – and massage novice – Polly. 

How often do you book wellness treatments like massage?

I am actually such a newbie when it comes to massages! Before my Urban treatment I’d only ever had one massage, and that was in Budapest at the Széchenyi Thermal Baths. I joined the Urban team a few weeks ago as a marketing executive, so I thought now was the perfect opportunity to get my second ever massage!

Before your treatment, had you tried Urban or any other at-home wellness services before?

I hadn’t tried any other at-home services before, no. I usually go to my local salon for any wellness or beauty treatments, but I love the idea of being able to experience a treatment in the comfort of my own home. It’s also way more time efficient as I don’t have to factor in any travel time to and from the salon.

Did you choose your treatment for a specific need? 

Seeing as this was only my second massage ever, I decided to go for an Urban classic. It felt like a good all rounder treatment. I also wasn’t sure about what type of pressure I would like, so I thought it was better to start light and then build up the pressure! 

Polly at the gym

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness is a very personal thing and has a different meaning for each person. For me, it’s about taking some time to look after myself and really focus on what I need in that exact moment. Sometimes I focus on my physical wellness and other times I focus more on my mental wellbeing. One day wellness might involve having a long soak in a bubble bath and another day it might be a sweaty workout at the gym!

How much time do you try to set aside each week for wellness?

I’m not going to lie, taking time to focus on wellness is something I really need to work on. At the moment I try to give myself a couple of hours a week, but I really think this should be more like seven hours a week! We all deserve at least one hour of wellness a day I think.

Polly eating food in a restaurant

Tell us a little bit about your work and home life or hobbies.

Well as you now know, I work at Urban as a marketing executive, but one of the things I love to do when I’m not working is to try new restaurants. I’m a massive foodie and London isn’t my hometown (I’m a proud Brummie), so there’s so many new places for me to try which is exciting! I also enjoy going to the gym. Not only are the physical benefits great but the mental boost I get from it is just as fab. I always think the hardest thing about going to the gym is getting there – once I’m there I never regret a session!

Lastly, are there any wellness treatments that you’ve tried as a one off and loved or any treatments that you love the sound of but haven’t got round to trying yet?

Now that I’ve had my first massage with Urban, I’d definitely say I’m a massage convert!  Next on my list to try is the de-stress massage. I feel like I’m not always the best at dealing with stress, which often has physical implications. I think the Urban de-stress massage would be great for releasing any unwanted tension and relaxing me before bed.


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