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We caught up with London-based interiors and lifestyle blogger Lins Drabwell to hear how she uses Urban to relax. 

Lins Drabwell at home

What does wellness mean to you, Lins?

Taking some time to focus on me, which can be anything from going for a run to cooking some good food to reading my book.

Do you book massages for a specific need, or just to relax?

As a little well deserved treat to me from me!

Massage at home

Tell us about your home life and hobbies

We have a dog (Maddie) who tends to keep me quite active. One of my favourite places to walk her is Greenwich Park and along the River Thames. I also love walking around London early on weekend mornings before it gets really busy and stopping at a bakery for breakfast.

Lastly, where can we read your blog?

My blog is or you can find me on Instagram @linsdrabwell.

Follow Lins for DIY, upcycling and 40+ lifestyle inspiration.

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