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Guerrilla marketing—it’s an interesting term. For many, it conjures up visions of being ambushed by advertisers lurking behind hedgerows and dumpsters. And actually, that’s not too far off the mark.

Guerrilla marketing—it’s an interesting term. For many, it conjures up visions of being ambushed by advertisers lurking behind hedgerows and dumpsters. And actually, that’s not too far off the mark.

Guerrilla marketing can be a very unusual, cost-effective means to rapid business growth.

Defined, guerrilla marketing is an ad strategy in which you use surprise or unconventional means to promote your service; guerrilla marketing campaigns are designed to create a memorable experience in the mind of the consumer, which results in a positive view of the product or service being marketed.

In short, it’s all about creativity and surprise. You have to be ready and willing to think outside the box. Guerrilla marketing goes beyond just putting your message in front of people. It’s finding a link between what you offer and the things people encounter on a daily basis—then demanding their attention in fun and creative ways.

Here are 7 guerrilla marketing ideas you could include in your overall marketing strategy for your massage practice. (Note: Always get permission before placing your material on public or private property.)

change your website

1. Change Up Your Website

Being different can definitely get attention. Have you ever noticed that massage websites all follow a similar layout? Think about what you can do to your website that will make visitors stop and think, “Wow, that’s different!” What can you do to drag them in by the eyeballs?

The trick here is to do enough to stand out—but not so much that your visitors have no idea it is what you offer.

make temporary chalk stencils

2. Make Temporary Chalk Stencils

You can do a lot with pavement, a stencil and a box of chalk. Temporary as it may be, try to get a feel for how the residents would react before you create your message; it could work against you if they think you’re vandalizing their streets.

3. Host a Giveaway

Who doesn’t like a competition? Giveaways can take on many formats. How about a referral giveaway? The participant receives an entry for every paying client they refer. You just have to ensure you have an enticing prize to offer.

Remember: Giveaways can go viral—so make sure you have the capacity to cover the influx of bookings.

4. Create Stickers

Stickers are a very affordable offline marketing strategy. You can provide a fun sticker that includes your website address to customers when they pay, or make them available at your check-out counter.

advertise on gym towels

5. Advertise on Gym Towels

Targeting the active, athletic type of massage client? How about having a clever, branded slogan or catch phrase printed on gym towels? The client becomes a walking billboard as they take the towel with them when they work out. It acts as a conversation starter, which can bring about a referral.

leave props around town

6. Leave Props Around Town

Would purple bikes popping up all over town get your attention? That’s what happened in Warner’s Bay, Australia. After a few days, a local fitness company claimed responsibility for the bicycles. How can you take this concept and get people guessing?

make more videos

7. Make More Videos

Videos can also be a cost-effective guerrilla marketing technique. People love to share videos that capture the imagination, raise curiosity, entertain and educate. A well-scripted and edited video could go viral and raise awareness for your business in a very short time.

As you can see, when it comes to guerrilla marketing, you are limited only by your imagination. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on these ideas, which you can apply online or offline.

The web is full of examples of very clever and successful guerrilla marketing campaigns. I highly encourage you to do a Google search for some inspiration and ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

Guerrilla, Marketing, Practice, Tactics ⋆ 7 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Your Practice

About the Author:

Tim Cooper is a business and marketing strategist and a wellness industry specialist. He is the founder and co-host of the Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit and also provides marketing courses tailored to the needs of wellness professionals.

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Guerrilla, Marketing, Practice, Tactics

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